Daily writing prompt
Write about your most epic baking or cooking fail.

The list is long WordPress….most epic fail would be when I almost burned the house down making Top Ramen…..Although my girlfriend thinks it is a tie for anytime I make anything besides stir-fry.

I was 14 or so and had successfully made many batches of Top Ramen. My mother had told me repeatedly not leave the room when cooking with fire, but what did she know, right? I was usually home for a few hours before my parents would get home so it would be ok to bend the rules a bit; its not like they would every find out.

So I started my Top Ramen around 3:30 P.M., went off the the TV room and happily watched my cartoons. Around 4:00 P.M. I smelled something burning and slowly realized what had happened. I ran into the kitchen and the ramen was burnt black, smoking, The smell was hideous and smoke billowed out of the dish.

I am not sure how long it would of been before a fire started, but I am guessing it would not have been much longer. My mom got home and there was no escape. The entire house smelled like burnt egg noodles, the fire alarms were going off, needless to say she was very disappointed and I was not allowed to make Top Ramen on my own for a long time.

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5 responses to “Has Anyone Else Failed at Cooking Top Ramen?”

  1. The title 😄👍

    Glad that no one got hurt!!

  2. haha burnt top ramen😅😂
    glad there was no fire

    1. Lol, I am surprised my kids have not done the same!

  3. My daughter destroyed our microwave when she tried to cook ramen in it. She forgot to put the water in! The dry noodles and seasoning actually caught fire, scorching the inside of the microwave. We had to air out the house after that and buy a new microwave! So, you are not alone.

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