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How do you celebrate holidays?

Holidays are always fun. Being an educator, it is quite a luxury to have all the school holidays off. I get to spend time with my kids, time at home, and travel quite a bit. I feel very fortunate in that because it was not always this way.

When I worked in the restaurant business (Red Lobster, Claim Jumper, and others), the holidays were the busiest time of year so it was rare to have them off. Usually in my 20’s I preferred to work so that I could make extra money. My bosses always appreciated this about me.

Nowadays though, it is quite nice. I have a week off for Thanksgiving, roughly a month off in the summer, even with summer school, and thee and a half weeks off for winter break. I was actually planning some ski trips today!

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  1. The benefits of being an educator is holidays. ❤️ 😍

    1. It is pretty cool!

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  3. True. It satisfies the sole.

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