What things give you energy?

Unique engaging experiences and human connection fueled by empathy inspire and energize me. Going to new places, trying new foods, coming to new understandings about individuals, groups, the past, the future or anything of that sort ignites my passion for life.

Whether it is going to a new beach, museum, camping spot, fishing spot, or just being in a slightly different environment with new people gives me tremendous energy.

I have always been an explorer at heart. I think if I was born in the 1400’s I would of been what the Vikings called, “A Wanderer”…living a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

In short, I find myself when I stop looking….

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11 responses to “New Experience Human Connection Fuel Inspiration”

  1. I wish you all the best to keep embracing your inner wanderer, and continue to find yourself in unexpected and beautiful ways. 🌍🌟🙏

    1. Life is a beautiful adventure!

      1. Yes, Mike. 👍
        Agree totally. 🙏

  2. “I find myself when I stop looking“ I like that!

    People tell me that I’m a really good listener I find that when you just take a few minutes and start talking to people, you really find that we really do have many of the same hopes and fears dreams and concerns. We’re not nearly as different as the media likes us to believe

    1. This is very true….I feel it is almost a conspiracy to keep this from happening in our society.

  3. Very good

  4. Feed on the energy of the universe, we are all and everything is a jumble of vibrating atoms just at different harmonic frequencies… energy is all around us.

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  6. A Viking? Really? I love it!

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